Something Was Coming.

My contract at work was supposed to finish in October however I ended up extending until December and finish just before Christmas. I knew that I wasn’t going to get too comfortable because the company who I work for was bought out by a major bank and they were starting to hand out a lot of redundancies, including members from my team and department. I almost felt quite safe with everything that was going on because I know I was there working until Christmas and anything after that was up to me.

Before I knew it, I was having my second farewell in as many years at this job, I wasn’t leaving on my own though because a few people had also decided to leave at the same time. It was kind of one big farewell! I knew I’d be back to see everyone as often as I could.

A few months ago he had started a job at a community youth home where he was a carer for young troubled kids. It was so nice to see him doing something that he loved to do. As much as I think that studying law for six or seven years and not doing anything with it is a big waste, I think what he is doing for these kids is amazing. He had odd shifts, some morning and some night, so it was a little harder to see each other as often as we once did. It was nice though because on the days where we couldn’t see each other, we would really miss each other!

He is someone who wants nothing but the best for everyone he knows. He has the biggest heart and the kindest soul and only wants to always be of help to anyone who crosses his path, he is a great role model for kids who have been in or going through some troubled times. He is very patient, understanding and loyal so I knew this job was going to be amazing for him. At the same time, I knew it would also be amazing for us. With us both working, we would be able to start saving for (hopefully) a deposit on a house or something for our future. I didn’t like to talk about this too much with him, cause I was always too scared we’d end up fighting and I felt we were in such a good place in our relationship that I didn’t want to ruin that. On the odd occasion that we did talk about it there were parts of me that just wanted to get through his thick skull what I wanted in life and I hoped he wanted the same and sometimes it would get really frustrating.

We had a massive conversation one night, and came to the conclusion that we both wanted the same things in life. But I wanted to just walk straight ahead and do it the ‘normal’ way. He wanted to go left, right, up, down, in, out, through, over and under to get there. This same thing is what ‘most’ people want. A home, a loving marriage and a family. I realllllllllly didn’t think I was asking for too much after all the years I had committed to him and his travelling and crazy ideas.

Christmas had come around again (already?!) this year was hot, really hot! But I loved it, it reminded me of being a kid and how hot Christmas used to be when we were growing up. He couldn’t attend my family lunch (which is held at our house every year and my parents put on THE most amazing day) because he was working, as much as it sucked, I appreciated what he was doing. His parents still came and enjoyed the day with the rest of my family (being Egyptian, they celebrate Christmas on January 7) so we get the best of both worlds!

After Christmas (obviously) comes New Years. We had a big party at one of our friends houses with a lot of close friends. He was so amazing that night, he looked after all the food (as I have mentioned I think three or a hundred time already, he’s a great cook!) he made sure I was having a good night and made sure he cleaned up after. It started to become a ritual, that every year I would joke about becoming ‘Mrs’ the next year, I did it last year and the year before that.

This year, though, I had a feeling, I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, but I had a feeling that something BIG was going to happen…


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