One Year On.

I eventually decided that I’d go back to work, however, I’d only go back on a six month contract. The way I saw it was, I knew that if I went back to full time employment, I’d get way too comfortable and not want to change and I was so determined to work hard on my photography and make something of myself.

I have to say, I was quite excited to head back to work, after spending most of my savings overseas, I needed to get back into it and get some extra money in my pocket but I think I was most excited about heading back into a routine. I wasn’t going back to my old role, but something new, still in the same department, same team and working for the same boss.

I was dreading the first day back, I was hating every single thing about it. I was so used to spending every day with him, enjoying the beautiful summer, we were in such a happy place. As much as we were both still wishing we were back in Europe, when we were together, we were really happy and I loved that more than anything.

The first day back I had mixed feelings. I couldn’t believe that I was back there so quickly. It only felt like yesterday I was hugging everyone saying goodbye about to start on the biggest adventure of my life. It almost felt like an out of body experience. To see all of my friends again was awesome, everyone was so happy to see me and ask how the trip was. I couldn’t wait to sit down and tell everyone all about it, and try and encourage as many people as I could to one day get out there and travel!

Some parts about coming back were hard, I had to learn new procedures, new job role, new systems and meet a couple of new people. Anything ‘new’ for me is quite scary as I’m sure it is for everyone. I HATE that feeling more than anything in this world and it gives me a lot of anxiety. But I knew this was the next chapter in my life and I was ready to tackle it head on.

Before I knew it, our anniversary had come around again. I struggled to believe that this time last year, we had only just arrived in Paris and were celebrating seven years together. Now celebrating our eight years together, we opted for more of a ‘casual’ celebration of just a picnic and BBQ in a park. Usually we don’t do the whole present thing, but more often than not, I end up getting him a card and he always has little surprises for me. He picked me up and had a heart shaped balloon in the car, which I thought was a very cute gesture. “Follow the string” he said, looking at me with a huge smile on his face. Not sure what the hell was going to pop up at me, I slowly followed the string to the pocket behind my car seat. It was a memory card for my camera! That may not mean something to a lot of you, but to me, it WAS a lot. It wasn’t just the physical present, it was the well thought-out idea of how he gave it to me that meant more. He wanted to surprise me, make me happy. It was something that he had put effort into. More often that not, I would criticise or make fun of him for doing special things for me, because he ‘made’ them himself or got me something that I needed rather than what I wanted. Looking back at those times, my heart sinks at what a spoilt little bitch I was. How ungrateful!

In May he was finally admitted to the Bar after so many years of studying and working so incredibly hard. I was so proud of him, as were his parents. To say that I ever doubted him wouldn’t be a lie, but it was just hard to imagine him getting to this point. He is such a free spirit that he never seems to finish anything that he starts but this time he finally got there in the end. He would have to be one of the smartest people I know, he knew everything about everything and if he didn’t he would make sure he would research all about it for the next time it would pop up in conversation.

He was forever educating me on things. We actually balance each other out as he is very book smart, however lacks common sense sometimes, me on the other hand not so good on the books, but my common sense… lets just say sometimes I surprise myself!

June soon came around again, another Birthday, another year older. This time however, I wasn’t going to be celebrating in Prague, which was fine with me as it meant I was with my friends and family. I had being dying to go to this place call Boing Central for ages, initially I wanted to organise it for his Birthday, but he refused. He told me to be patient and he would organise it for my Birthday. Its a big ware house filled with trampolines everywhere!!! How fun does that sound?!

I’m a big kid at heart, I love playing games, and sometimes have to remind myself how old I really am. He organised for all of our friends to attend, including my two brothers. I kind of didn’t really think many of them would be interested, but I think they saw how excited I was about it, they thought they’d give it a go. BEST. NIGHT. EVER! Apart from Europe, this would have to be one of my most favourite Birthdays I have ever had! For a couple of hours, there were about 30 twenty-something year olds who all felt like we were all 5 again. It meant soooo much to me that everyone was there, especially my brothers, who Im sure loved attending their dorky older sisters Birthday.

Life was pretty stable for the time being…


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