Reunited With Old Friends.

We spent six freezing hours at a bus terminal waiting for our next bus to Sofia, Bulgaria. It wasn’t long until the bus was supposed to arrived when it started snowing. So magical. We arrived at about 4am in Sofia, the hostel was old, the beds were rickety, cold and very uncomfortable! We were only staying two days in Sofia so wanted to make it all worth our while. The next morning made the terrible night sleep so worth while, it had snowed all night and the city was blanketed in white! It was gorgeous, but freezing!

We only had the day to explore, we stopped at a park to draw and write in the snow. We were approached by an elderly lady who told us how lovely it was to see us so in love, enjoying life and exploring her country. This warmed my heart and put a lot of things into perspective for me. I knew we were nearing the end of our trip and I just wanted to stop and take in every last moment together.

We decided we’d head back to Germany to meet his friend from Stuttgart again and spend a couple of days in Berlin. Berlin is definitely not for me. Its a great city and lovely people, but not somewhere I’d like to live. Him on the other hand, couldn’t wait to head back there and we hadn’t even left yet!

We did all the touristy things and I was quite excited to see the Berlin Wall, we stayed with friends of people we met at the hostel in Kosovo. The absolute generosity of people in Europe continued to surprise me every where we went. I couldn’t believe how kind everyone always was to us.

One night him and his friend decided they’d go out for a big night before his friend had to go back home and I decided I’d stay back and catch up on my emails to everyone back home. We had a plan, a plan to surprise everyone when we returned home. So, whilst we were in Berlin, I still had everyone back at home believing we were still working at the hostel in Kosovo. We already had our tickets booked to head to London before we flew home, we couldn’t FaceTime for nearly two weeks because they would of course catch on to what we were doing.

I was really excited for London, we were staying with a really old friend of mine, her boyfriend and his family. I have known her since kindergarten as we went to primary school together, and he went to high school with her so we were all good friends. We got stuck at the airport for a good couple of hours as they were questioning us about our travels and how long we were going to stay in London. We ended up having to show them that we had flights booked home before they would let us into the country.

We arrived at our friends house, I didn’t really know what to expect. I hadn’t spoken to her in a few years well enough to be staying with her, and I had only met her boyfriend once when they were living in Sydney. Of course, I was worrying for nothing! The four of us got along like a house on fire, we sat up and talked for hours, we had so much to catch up on, but at the same time, it felt like we had only just seen them yesterday!

She is my longest and one of m dearest friends and to be on the other side of the world together is such a strange feeling, I still have so, so many fond memories of us in kindergarten thinking that leaves were balls (personal joke, ha!) playing at each others houses and just generally being kids.

I felt like we spent the whole week just laughing and getting up to mischief, laughing so hard it felt like my cheeks were being held up by hooks (another personal joke, sorry.) We did a lot of sight seeing, I could always see myself living in London, but there is no place like home!

We went out a couple of times and met some of their friends. London, had to be one of my favourite cities, (of course it did, what city didn’t?!) especially as it was early December and nearing Christmas, all the streets were looking really festive. It was, however, freezing and I couldn’t wait to get back home where it was already well into summer and a lot warmer than where I currently was!

As much as I was so excited to get back home and see all of my family and friends, I was holding onto the last few days that I had with him because I knew that when we got back home, our lives would eventually return to normal and I don’t think I was entirely ready for that.

I had to tell my youngest brother that we were coming home so he could make sure everyone was at home when I got there. The plane ride home was horrible, I was really sick and couldn’t stop vomiting. It was one of those times where you just wished you were anyone else or anywhere else!

We finally made it!…


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