The Kindness Of Strangers.

Back on the road again, I was sad to say goodbye to my family but so excited for what we still had ahead of ourselves.

We decided on Bosnia, somewhere that neither of us have been, but were quite interested in. We booked a small hostel just outside the main part of the city. We had to drive through the Croatian boarder to get to Bosnia from Slovenia, It was a night bus, so we slept most of the and were only woken when crossing through the boarder. Now, so far in the trip, we were quite lucky with him, he didn’t get stopped and ‘randomly’ selected as much as we first thought, I probably got selected more than him. At the boarder, we all had to step off the bus and go through the boarder on foot. We were all allowed back on the bus except him, they removed his bags from the bus and took him into an interview room, I started to get this sick feeling in my stomach when 20 minutes had gone by and he hadn’t returned. Maybe 10 minutes later, he arrived back on the bus advising it was just a ‘random’ search and that they had pulled his bags apart and he then had to repack everything, which took about 10 mins.

We finally made it to our hostel, only being booked in for three days, we didn’t think we’d stay too long. The hostel was propped up high on a hill and the walk down to the main part of town was eye opening. Like in Croatia, some of the buildings were still being rebuilt from the War and a lot of them were still quite damaged. We’d always make our walk down into town worth it, because the 20 minute walk back up the steep ass hill wasn’t as interesting! We ventured out to the city and did the touristy sight seeing, it was AMAZING. Again, one of my all time favourites!! It was very ‘Eastern European’ so many little alley ways with lots of little shops, almost like a maze, you could get so lost exploring all day.

We extend our stay for an extra week, we fell in love with Bosnia. Every morning we would be woken by the call to Prayer, something about it sounded so mystical. We made friends with the hostel owner, and with no clue where we would head to next, he advised he was driving to Serbia the day after tomorrow and asked if we wanted a lift? Why not?

We made a couple of scenic stops along the way. One particular stop, where we pulled over on a river bed with the most amazing view of all of these mountains, he explained to me, this is why he loved travelling, there are so many places in this world that are worth seeing and we wouldn’t have seen half of the places we have if we flew everywhere and we would have spent half our trip in and out of airports. This made me appreciate everything he had done for me on this trip, he so desperately wanted me to explore how amazing this life is and I was sooo happy and content with everything right at that point. As much as we had our little fights and arguments along the way every day was a brand new and I had so much to see, explore and learn.

The hostel owner couldn’t take us into Belgrade but he had some friends that would happily drive us in. We arrived at his friends house a couple of hours later, his mum had prepared a traditional Serbian feast for us. I was absolutely blown away! We were complete strangers, they owed us nothing, but yet, they still managed to make us feel so welcome! I now realised what travelling meant to him and this was a perfect example!

We got a lift right to the front door of our hostel in Belgrade. We couldn’t thank them enough for what they had all done for us. Being about 3am, we climbed into bed. We were back in a dorm room, which to be honest I didn’t like, there was just something about sleeping in a room with 9 other people that made me uncomfortable. At the beginning of my trip I would constantly beat myself up about it, but later on I realised its not for everyone and thats OK. For him, he loved it and thats OK too, we met an awesome bunch of guys and did a lot of exploring. Belgrade wasn’t a favourite of mine, and after 7 days, I was desperate to move on.

“What about Kosovo?” He said, “Never heard of it” was my reply, which was the truth, I actually had to Google it to see if it was a really country. He found a couple of hostels that were looking for a couple of workers to help out for a couple of months. HELL YES!! We booked our bus tickets and off we went!

We were going to make our decision of what hostel to work at once we arrived. I have zero recollection of the bus and/or train ride into Kosovo. Some (alot) parts of our trip I can remember like it was yesterday, others, I have absolutely no idea about but, between us, we always look back and have a giggle about something he remembers and I forgot or vice versa.
Time to get back to work…


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