More Family To Meet.

Our next stop in Slovenia was Maribor, where my grandmother was born. We stayed with my cousin and his girlfriend and just like everyone else, they were so welcoming. Our plan was to only stay three days, but we ended up staying a whole week with them, we were having such a good time.

My cousin took us to his grandmothers (my grandmothers sister) who provided us with an amazing lunch and drinks. We chatted for a while and she told me stories of when they were growing up as little kids. There was nothing I loved more than hearing these stories, it made me feel closer to them, even though I was only meeting them for the first time.

After lunch, my cousin took us to see my grandmothers two sisters and brother. Each of them just as welcoming and happy to see us as the last, some of them brought out some old photos of them all growing up, and more and more stories were told.

Meeting all this family was an absolute highlight of our trip for me! My dad is an only child, so his side of the family back at home, is just him and his mum but there is this whole new world of family on the other side of the earth that I had always dreamed of meeting and only every heard stories about.

Each of my grandmothers brother or sisters, at one point, looked at me, hugged me and mumbled something that I couldn’t understand. Later translated was ‘I cant believe your here’. I couldn’t either, I have only every dreamed to meet the family of my grandmother and grandfather, and now this is all coming true. After a big day of meeting everyone, and being fed a giant meal at every house, we were exhausted. That night, we just went home and had a night in with my cousin.

We had the hard decision again of now deciding where to next. We had now seen all of my family and we were going back out on our own. It kind of felt weird, not having all of those familiar faces around. We looked for a new and exciting country to visit. We decided on Bosnia.

On our last night, we cooked a big dinner to say thank you (well he cooked) I wasn’t much of a cook back then, he was and is one of the most amazing cooks I know. He LOVES it and you can see it in his cooking. He cooked dinner to say thank you to everyone who took us in, family or friends. He cooked a lot of traditional Egyptian food being Egyptian and everyone absolutely loved it and asked for some recipes. My cousins had some friends over that we had met whilst staying with them and we all enjoyed some food and drinks for our last night.

Saying goodbye, was always hard. I absolutely LOVED the last two months spent with family and every time we moved on it didn’t get any easier to say goodbye. But this time, there was no more family to see.  I was scared and excited at the same time.


It was just us two again…


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