Kissed By The Sun.

We continued our time in Prague, it has to be one of my favourite cities I visited in Europe. Everything about it was magical. After extending our time in Prague we decided to visit Hungary next. It was somewhere that neither of us were really interested in but thought we may as well see what it has to offer.

It was massive! In previous countries we visited, we didn’t do any tours and did all of the exploring ourselves, however, this place was so big we needed transport to every tourist destination. We did a magical boat cruise up and down the river one evening. Night time in Hungary is breathtaking. We only spent a few days in Hungary as we were quite eager to head towards the coast. We spontaneously one day decided to head to the bus station with all of our bags and book a bus to Croatia. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there wasn’t another bus until the next day. I was ever so nervous to meet my family. Im quite a shy person, and when it comes to meeting new people, he was always so much better at it than me, but this time I had to be strong as this was MY family. I had to lead.

We had to book accommodation for one more night in Hungary as our bus didn’t leave until early the next morning. Upon arrival we noticed that every panel in the room was painted a different colour and EVERYTHING was sticky taped together! Literally everything, from the front door, beds, toilet, tiles on the floor, cupboards in the kitchen and windows. We named it the sticky tape room. We named all of our rooms, but this one ‘sticks’ out the most. Ha!

Hungary was lovely, but it was time to move on. I didn’t want to meet my family straight away, I needed to talk myself into it, not for any other reason other than I felt quite anxious, I didn’t know what to do, how to act, didn’t really speak much of the language either and I think most of the anxiety came from me having to take the lead for a while. Im a very strong person, but I lack independence sometimes and being waaaay out of my comfort zone this was more prevalent then ever on this trip.

I never got to meet my grandfather (my dads dad) as he passed away before I was born, but I was in his home country. I cannot describe this feeling that overwhelmed me when we arrived in Croatia. I hoped that he was watching over me and knew where I was. We headed to Zagreb where we decided to stay before making our way to the coast. I had mentioned to my mum that as much as I was having a good time, I felt like I wasn’t having the time I had imaged. I imagined sun, water, coastlines, warm weather and up until now, I hadn’t experienced any of that. We were only in Zagreb for a couple of days as I was desperate to head to the coast. We booked an apartment in a small costal town called Bibinje, ahhhhhhmazing. I remember an email I received from my mum and the last line read “Hope you are being kissed by the sun and everything is Beautiful” it made me appreciate so much more what I was doing and who I was with. It put everything into perspective and I realised not everything is always going to work out how you imagined it would.

I was missing my family more now than ever, but I was glad it was now time for us to relax by the beach and let the sun shine down on us. After all, it was well into winter in Sydney.  I was in a happy place, probably the happiest I had been in a long time. We were happy.


Time to meet the family…


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