Twenty Five.

After spending just over a week with his friend in Germany we started thinking of our next destination, however, this one was going to be special because it was my Birthday!!

We were heading towards the end of June now and that meant warmer days which really excited us. We were trying to move closer to the coast so we could experience the best European summer it had to offer. We also had plans to meet my family in Croatia and Slovenia and wanted to start making our way over. I was quite nervous about this because I hadn’t met any of them before.

We arrived in Prague and we got to stay in a beautiful hotel, being my Birthday and all! It was gorgeous, classic, classy and our room was very homely. When the question was asked, “What do you want to do for you Birthday” I didn’t really have much of an idea, being away from friends and family I just thought we’d continue our normal adventure and do all the normal sight seeing. But he insisted that we do something amazing, he went downstairs and came back with some brochures of things to do around the city and said “pick anything you want” and BANG I found it, we’d go to a shooting range! We were told when we booked, that it was close to the city, we would have an English speaking guide and we would be picked up in their company vehicle.

I was lucky enough to have breakfast served in bed for the second time on this trip, he was and is one of the most amazing cooks I know. We were ready and waiting outside for the car to arrive. Both of us quite nervous but didn’t want the other to know. I finally said “I feel sick, I don’t know if I want to do this” he replied “me too” held my hand and said “but look at where we are, lets do this!” No more than two minutes later, a dodgy, old, rickety, red van pulled up, an old man hopped out and directed us in saying he was our guide and we’d be heading to the shooting range. Oh yeah! And he barely spoke English. After about FORTY FIVE minutes in this van and heading further and further away from the city, we finally pulled up to the shooting range. At this point I had to remind myself, I was on the other side of the world, with the absolute love of my life, it was my 25th Birthday and whatever was going to happen was going to happen.

What we walked into was something not even movies are made of! Movies, have proper barriers, guns are stored behind cabinets, proper protective gear etc. We walked into… a tunnel… under a train station… with zero barriers… and the guns were laid out on a table… for all to touch and see. There were literally thousands of shell cases all over the floor and we we struggled to understand what this guy was saying.

I made him go first, he fired away and loved every second of it. The smile on his face and excitement in his eyes was indescribable. My turn. My heart was going to beat out of my chest. What. The. Fuck. Am. I. Doing? As soon as my finger hit that trigger I felt this instant burst of power and willingness to just go for it.

Later that night, we had a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant in the main square of the city, which, if I’m honest we rarely did, romantic dinners I mean. We just weren’t really that type of couple. But I think it was more him than me, I mean… what girl doesn’t love to be wined and dined?!

After dinner, much to his hesitation, we went on a horse and carriage ride around the city. I had been begging him for days to do it and I guess this celebration was a good excuse.

I spoke to all of my family and friends back home that night. It was so nice to hear all of their voices and feel their love from the other side of the world. Missing them more than ever,  reminded me how happy they all were for us to be creating these memories that we will have for the rest of our lives.
Best. Birthday. Ever.


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