The Adventure Continues…

From Paris we moved onto Brussels, Belgium. Another beautiful city and probably one of my favourites. The waffles!! Oh Em Gee! I think we honestly had one almost every day. We stayed in this beautiful little apartment right in the main square of town.

I do remember one day we had a big fight, I cant exactly remember what it was about, but I was probably being a stubborn bitch like always, I know I decided to walk off and explore on my own. With the map in hand off I went. I wanted to find this famous statue “Manneken Pis”. For the trip so far, he was the leader and I was the follower, its how it worked. But, today I was determined. Off I marched, probably about two meters in front of him most of the way. I was so angry (probably at him being angry at me) we were so lame sometimes. ha! ‘Following’ the map, I walked around for about 45 minutes, stopping along the way to look at the map thinking “where the ef is this statue?!” He asked if I needed help on a number of occasions, I politely declined and kept going.

We got to the top of this street and I couldn’t figure out how or why I hadn’t found this statue yet. Finally I decided to swallow my pride and ask him for help. He did, with no hesitation, and lead us straight to the statue… IT WAS THE SMALLEST THING I HAD EVER SEEN! It was surrounded by tourists, but I could not believe the size of it! I walked around for an hour for this. haha! We laughed together about it, and even more, it was literally behind the building we were staying in!! We decided that was the last time I took charge of following a map! I had a lot of making up to do that night. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner in a cute little alley and of course finished it off with some waffles covered in strawberries and chocolate.

From Belgium we moved onto Amsterdam. There was no question we’d visit this place. On arrival however, I was really sick with the flu and went to sleep straight away. He was amazing and went out and bought me lemons and honey and some medicine for my sore throat. I have to say, I was kind of nervous about this place, this is where we thought we’d want to work for a while and try out a working visa. I think the end result excited me, but what we had to do to obtain this visa was almost impossible (deep down I was thankful because I don’t think I wanted to live there) we decided it wasn’t worth it and that we’d just enjoy our time there which we did!

From Amsterdam, we decided we’d travel outside of the touristy destination and went to two more cities in Netherlands, Utrecht and Noordwijk. Noordwijk was awesome, a little coastal town where I was confident enough to hire a bike (It wasn’t as busy as Amsterdam with traffic) We rode for hours in a national park. I felt amazing, we were absolutely loving life, so carefree, so happy, so in love! This was my first hostel stay where we actually interacted with other guests. I don’t make friends that easily, where people flock to him, and he makes friends like theres no tomorrow. On our first night we attended a party they were having, I was packing shit, but I put a smile on my face and went for it and actually had fun. We were only there for a few days before moving to Utrecht which was a less busier and chaotic version of Amsterdam. Very beautiful. The shit I could say about this place (sorry, personal joke and he’d kill me if it got out)

He had been to Europe before for three months for a Uni exchange and had met a lot of people and became good friends with quite a few of them. We decided on Austria next to visit a friend, we booked our flights and off we went. We thought we’d give ourselves enough time to get to the airport via public transport, little did we know there would be absolute chaos! Train delay after train delay, not to mention we had to wear heaps of clothing so our bags weren’t over the limit.

We were so stressed!…


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