This Was It.

This was it. I was going to quit my job, pack my bag, leave my family and friends and get on a plane and TRAVEL.

We decided on Europe AND we only bought a one way ticket!!!

I think from the time we decided to do this, to the time we got on the plane I experienced every single emotion humanely possible. I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could resign from work, which was going to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I had been working there for over 6 years and become so confident in my job that I was afraid I would lose that confidence if/when I started a new job. (I know stupid right?! I was thinking waaaaay too far ahead) It wasn’t just that, but I had made so many friends there and to have to say goodbye was going to be hard for me.

I also explained to my parents what I wanted to do, preparing to see the disappointment on their faces and feel and instant rush of regret running through my body. I thought I’d go for more of the casual approach… “So he and I were thinking we’d go travelling for a while” “Go for it!!!” They said. I don’t want to say I was shocked because I think most parents out there would love to their kids to travel the world and experience life. My parents did it for three months. But I was definitely relieved and it meant to much to me that they were supporting this big decision.

With that now done, It was time to tell all of our friends and the rest of our extended families. Everyone was over the moon for us, and I mean everyone! Everyone at work was of course sad to see me go, but super excited for me to experience this new adventure.

As it started to approach I got more and more excited every day. I literally couldn’t wait to experience this, and with him by my side! There were little things that concerned me at first, but he always reassured me that everything was going to be ok. He understood what this meant to me, but I also understood what it meant to him and had to remember to try and not be so controlling about everything.

We knew we were flying to Paris and that was pretty much it, we booked a small hotel (I was a little too anxious to stay in a hostel with up to 8 other people straight away.) On our final days at home, we spent as much time with our own families as possible, we threw a big going away BBQ with all of our friends the week before we left and I soaked in every last second with all of my loved ones.

The day had arrived… WE WERE ON OUR WAY!! I didn’t know if I was sad, happy, anxious, excited!! I think it was all of those emotions rolled into one!

The airport was hard, saying goodbye to my mum, dad and two brothers, the tears started flowing (kinda tearing up now thinking about it) but I know they were so excited for me. We had our last hugs and off we went into the departures lounge.

Off we go…


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